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10 Aug 2012
If you are a business owner like me, you pride yourself not only with the quality of your work or services, but also your reputation in the community and with your customers. After investing years building your reputation, the last thing you need is to jeopardize your good name in the community. Protect your investment by selecting merchant providers who can offer great service to you while protecting your customers.

In today's economy it is hard to regain trust once it is lost. The fact is that your customer wants to have the faith that their business and information is safe with their merchant providers and its employees. Using a small business merchant account helps protect not only you, but also your customer...

10 Aug 2012
I own a small mom and pop grocery store and I'm considering in signing up with a merchant to be able to accept credit card payments from my customers. I was very sceptical about getting set-up to accept credit card payments, but I believe it will greatly benenfit my business.

I get a large amount of traffic in my store from opening to closing and about 85% of my customers have asked if I accept credit cards. I have had people walk out of my store because they had no cash to pay. In todays society plastic is more popular than paper. Just about everyone has a credit or debit card and use it as their preferred payment method. I personally prefer to use my credit card when purchasing.

When a business is able to accept...

13 Jul 2012
Recently, I've endeavored on finding a merchant who can offer good credit card processing services for my business. While I'm not really picky or meticulous, I took my time in considering various factors that may contribute later on to the service I get. I've read countless articles, books and magazines relevant to the subject, asked for referrals from offline and online resources, and I've even gone as far as consulting with an independent merchant specialist. So what did I get from all of this? Read on as we tackle the benefits of accepting credit card payments.

From the starting point, I've always pondered why I should consider investing on merchant credit card payment processing services, which is most likely...